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111W155 compound feed walking foot sewing machine



111W155 Walking Foot Compound Feed
Leather Sewing Machine 


111w155 walking foot leather machine

111w155 walking foot leather machine


111w155 walking foot leather machine

 111W155 Walking Foot Compound Feed
Leather Sewing Machine


This machine is on its own table with motor

Just plug into household socket and sew

Has the unique alternating presser foot (walking foot)

which allows you to sew without ending up with one piece longer than the other

Upper and Lower Feed Lock Stitcher

Max stitch length 3.5 to the inch

Will sew medium/heavy materials and leather

As any leather worker will tell you, Veg Tan is a very close grain leather

and a lot of sewing machines cannot cope with sewing it, this

machine does not have a problem with it,

A very versatile machine and ideal for any person who has

a business sewing leather or sewing materials including Upholstery Leather

Medium and heavy clothing as well as leather and enamelled cloth, as

well as many other items

One needle,  

Large Rotary Hook

Takes a M size Bobbin which allows for heavier thread to be used with ease

Alternating pressers 

Compound Feed

Comes with a manual, extra needles and bobbins

Alternatively if you cannot collect in person we can arrange a pallet delivery service at a cost of £90,
for most areas in the UK 



Price  £899

Email:  Alan or Jan

01292 531885