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Biscuit Flint Steel




primitive fire lighting, flint steel


Hand Forged Fire Biscuit Flint Steel

This hand forged Fire Steel


approx  50mm  X 40mm  X  4mm

Will provide a good quality spark when struck with the piece of flint that comes with it or any other flint

Comes with hole in as standard for hanging round neck etc

Excellent piece of kit for the real bushcraft enthuasist

Comes in handcrafted leather drawstring pouch
with a shard of Flint and some Char cotton or Chaga

Good for regular use, guaranteed for thousands of strikes,

hardened to the core not case hardened,

This particular steel is one that has been used by Alan in his Survival Schools for many years as a client practice steel and is in use in numerous Survival Schools worldwide, and is available in the quantities below at discounted prices


Light your fire the primitive way


Price:  £19.99   1 kit as pictured