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Oil Burner with Tealights and Mini Melts



oil burner with tealights and mini melts


Here is a fantastic addition for scenting your home

We call them the Wickless Candle

This is a full package which includes

1  X  Metal Oil Burner

20 Tealights

1  X  pack Mini Melts (88)


No more getting Oils over your hands

No more having to watch closely for water to dry up

Simply pop a couple of melts into your burner

Light Tealight below and immediately you can smell your scent

With the Mini Melts you can regulate how much scent you get

by simply popping in 1 or 2 melts when you wish to strengthen your scent

Perfect for when you get a knock on the door and wish an immediate scent throw

Just pop in another Mini Melt before answering the door

Will last a long time

You have a choice of 15 different scents 4 of which are Medicinal

More scents to follow

When wax has finally stopped giving off scent just pop out and put in bin or recycle

We also have Candle Making Kits for Sale

Any of our Kits, Candles, melts makes great gifts



Price  £24.99

Choice of Scent