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Camping Tripod



camping tripod cooking tripod tripod
camping tripod tripod and cover camping tripod with griddle
 cast iron oval griddle
Can be bought seperately below
camping tripod  cast iron griddle
Can be bought seperately below


This Cooking Tripod comes in its own heavy Cordura bag with heavy leather duty reinforcing and a pocket in which to carry fire lighting kit etc

This extremely sturdy cooking tripod is ideal for a permanent based camp or for groups travelling together

It only takes seconds to erect into place

Due to its design and heavy duty materials it is extremely stable and can take a lot of weight

One leg is a little shorter, simply open the tripod into the position you want and

push the 2 longer legs into the ground until the 3rd leg rests on the ground

This prevents the tripod legs from spreading if you have them at the wrong angles

As you can see in the pictures due to its construction it can take extremely large pots

Pictured above with 2 army dixies for instance

Inferior tripods buckle under such weight

This tripod also has extended cooking facilities by using the Quad Chained Griddle Rack

Which as you can see in the pictures is great when using a large selection of smaller pots

Great for doing large quantities of breakfast toast, bbq meat, making bread etc etc

This tripod is a must for any scout group, cadet group, large families that go camping or caravaning on a regular basis or just friends



Price  £64.99  Tripod with 1 chain plus 2 hooks





Price  £24.99  Cast Iron Griddle