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Cartridge Belt Pouch



cartridge belt pouch cartridge belt pouch


This cartridge belt pouch has been designed and made by Alan

This is a new product to the market

Great for clay shooters as well as ordinary shooters

The pouch is made from Heavy Veg Tan Leather

Has a belt loop on rear to fit any belt up to 65mm/2 1/2" wide

It has been designed to take standard cartridge boxes of

25 cartridges, 12, 16, 20 bore etc

You can slip your cartridge box into the pouch and away you go

Gives you easy access to your cartridges when you need them

Comes in Brown only

Approx Overall Sizes

65mm Depth

110mm Height

120mm Width

Comes with the A Finlay Logo

Although it can be personalised with up to 3 initials

Also available in bulk with your shooting club name or logo on the front panel
althought there is a one off payment for setting up logo/name design, which
is held with us for use on future orders for no extra cost


Price  £39.99


Price  £49.99  personalised with 3 initials

Please give up to 3 Initials