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Cow Horn (Bovine) Trimmed



 cow horn trimmed

These horns make great decorative products

from drinking vessels to musket black powder holders known as powder horns

fantastic for re-anactment

or can be cut down for a multitude of uses

They will arrive to you in their natural state

to bring the true colour through you will need to wash

and lightly sand or buff the outside of the horn

bearing in mind these are very easily sanded and buffed

All we have done is trimmed the crown end to make it flush

90% of these horns are supplied hollow, occasionally 1 will be missed

but the core is easily removed

3 sizes available

approx sizes

Small 30cm - 35cm Long

Medium 35cm - 40cm Long

Large 40cm - 45cm Long

Sold as Individual Horns

finished horns are also available on this site


Price £19.99  30cm - 35cm Long


Price £22.99  35cm - 40cm Long


Price £24.99  40cm - 45cm Long