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Fire Braid





fire braid fire braid



This is another excellent piece of kit

You will get 4 Coils of approx 2 foot long each, 8 foot in total,
in a seamless tin with a screw lid

All you simply do is cut a small piece off the coil
between 1/2 and 1 inch is more than adequate

Feather one end by rubbing on a hard surface

Set it down on your fire base

And throw sparks from your firesteel onto the feathered end

It will easily light and burn for a few minutes with a high intense flame

the same as our Fire Tabs
except because this is on a coil and is firm but semi rigid

It will hold a shape when bent at an angle so can be used for emergency candles
or in larger portions for extreme conditions

You dont have to carry the tin

Simply pop a coil into your fire kit as a back up

This product was developed by Alan for use in extreme conditions

where moisture is a problem

But it is a great all rounder never fails


You might also want to look at our Fire Tabs which is a similiar product



Price  £19.99