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Fire Piston Buffalo Horn




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Handcrafted Fire Piston in Buffalo Horn

Create fire using this Fire Piston and compression

  Make fire this ancient way using the principal of compression to create combustion

Similiar to the principal of how a diesel engine works,

Some people stuggle to use a Fire Piston, one of the reasons for this

is that they are never shown how to do it the correct way,

A Fire Piston is easy to use if it is set up properly,

And you follow the instructions on how to use,

If looked after properly ie, kept clean inside and well greased,

Your Fire Piston will last you for years to come,

No matches, no flint, no sparks, no tricks,

This Fire Piston is made from Buffalo Horn and is beautifully polished to a high sheen

One advantage of being made out of Buffalo Horn that it is waterproof on the outside

Place your char cotton or chaga (fungi) inside and ram the piston home,

Pull out your glowing ember

Kit Comprises of:

1 X Handcrafted Fire Piston in Buffalo Horn,
Char Cotton, 

Chaga (fungi),
And full instruction sheet,

Approx Measurements

Approx Length when closed 135mm
Approx Diameter 25mm


Price:  £54.99