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A Finlay Imco Bushcraft Petrol Outdoor Lighter


A Finlay Imco Lighter Kit A Finlay Imco Lighter Kit
 A Finlay Imco Lighter Kit    A Finlay Imco Lighter Kit

I have used an Imco Super 6700 Petrol Lighter

for the last 15 years

And found it to out perform the Petrol Zippo Lighters everytime

I have got together with Imco to produce this package

The Imco Lighter is made for us bearing the A Finlay Logo

And comes with genuine Imco Wicks and Spare Flint Packs

This lighter retains fuel a lot longer than zippo's due to the cup shroud

which covers the wick when the lighter is closed

It is also much easier to change the flint as no screwdrivers are required

as in the zippo

It also has an air intake slide, which allows you to adjust the flame easily

The fuel cartridge can be removed from the base in a second when lit

and be used to light your fire or as a candle

The lighter comes in a leather pouch which will prevent it rattling in the pocket

Also helps prevent fuel loss, simply open the front flap, strike the lighter and close the flap again

No need to remove from the pouch

The pouch also has 2 eyelits in the rear to facilitate a thong or lace

for hanging around your neck should you wish to do this

In my opinion this is the best Outdoor Lighter on the market today

Package contains

1 Lighter

1 Leather Pouch

10 Imco Flints

2 Imco Wicks (1 in lighter, 1 spare)

1 small tin to carry flints and spare wick in (plastic or metal)

This is an extremely limited product


Price £29.99




Lighter Fuel Canister

Price  £19.99