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Instructors Fire Piston 2




buffalo horn fire piston fire piston buffalo horn
buffalo horn fire piston


This is the top of the range Master Fire Piston

Supplied to a lot of Instructors throughout the
Bushcraft & Survival Industry Worlwide

This Fire Piston is self maintable in the field

It comes on a lanyard as it doesn't fit our standard piston pouch

It has a Brass Piston Shaft which offers many many years of use

without the risk of snapping like wood or plastic shafted ones

It has a Pressure release valve at the base which allows the piston

to be closed and kept closed using reverse suction

Inside the shaft is a pair of tweezers for placing and removing

char material and coals

Inside the handle area is a brass tub with a centre divider

in which your char material and lubricant can be carried

and spare O rings under the Char Cotton

This fire piston has been referred to as the most superior piston on the market today

Create fire using compression

  Make fire this ancient way using the principal of compression to create combustion

Similiar to the principal of how a diesel engine works,

No matches, no flint, no sparks, no tricks,

Place your char cotton or chaga (fungi) inside and ram the piston home,
Pull out your glowing ember,

Approx measurements

150mm Tall

30mm - 32mm at Widest

Kit Comprises of:

1 X Handcrafted Instructors Fire Piston,
Char Cotton, 

Chaga (fungi),
And full instruction sheet,



Price  £69.99