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 A Finlay Leather Belt Pouch


This is a genuine A Finlay Handcrafted Leather Belt Pouch

Colors available are Midnight Black, Antique Dark Tan, Light Tan

Measures 140mm L X 35mm D X 100mm H

Pressed stud flap

And Belt loop on rear to fit our Bushcraft Belts and many others

Hand Cut, Dyed, Well Stitched etc

Ideal pouch for any outdoorsman

Designed to fit a 2oz tobacco tin such as survival tins etc

Although can be used for storage of anything you wish


Price: £34.99  without tin
Colour of Pouch

Price £39.99 with Tin

Colour of Pouch






A Finlay Belt Pouch 2 A Finlay Belt Pouch 2 A Finlay Belt Pouch 2