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Ferrocium Rods



exotic wooden topped firesteels


A Handcrafted Firesteel topped in an Exotic Wood or Antler

A genuine A Finlay Primitive Crafts Product

These are not available from anybody else

These rods are manufactured by us in our own foundry

with an unusual mix of materials,

They are then fitted with antler or wooden handle and then drilled 

You will get 1 X 9mm X 80mm Firesteel

These Firesteels have a high magnesium content which gives a larger, hotter, longer lasting spark, than those available anywhere else,

You only purchase 1 of the pictured flint steels 

You will receive 1  Firesteel  topped similiar to picture as all handcrafted items are hand created and will all vary slightly in size, shape, colour etc, All of our goods are sent insured and require a signature on delivery,

 Choose either Antler or Wood


Price:  £14.99

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