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Neck Passport Holder




leather neck passport security holder

Leather Passport Security Holder

Made from Genuine Leather

This Leather Security Neck Pouch is a must when traveling abroad on holiday

Worn around the neck it is concealed under clothing, a replacement for a money belt

Comes in Light and Dark colours:- White/Cream for use under light coloured clothing

Dark:- Black/Dark Brown for under darker clothing

The colours depend on leather stock at the time of ordering

Keep your valuables such as passport, credit cards, money, phone, hotel keys, etc safe from pick pockets whilst you enjoy yourself

Ideal for traveling, no need to worry about losing your items in this leather pouch, no need to bring a seperate wallet or purse with you,

Approx size:- Length 15cm X Width 13.5cm

Full Length Zipped Pocket

This leather pouch is also ideal for a night out on the town, where you do not need to worry about your valuables, keep them close
to you under your clothing

Discreet Slim Design



Price   £19.99 

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