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Olivewood Bowl Med Sale




a finlay olivewood bowl me



This is a Kuska or Wooden Bowl whichever you prefer to call it

These are Handcrafted by myself A Finlay and bear my logo on the base

Which I am sure you could remove should you wish to

These have been Handmade from 1 large ring of well seasoned Olive Wood

Using traditional skills I originally learned in Finland years ago

And I now teach in Scotland

Olive Wood as you have to admit is an extremely attractive wood

and has natural properties to prevent bacteria forming

Every single one will be a different pattern grain

The handle as you can see in the pictures is 1 piece with the bowl NOT attached by glues or pins etc

This requires Handcarving as they cant be knocked out on a lathe

Your bowl is approx 65mm Tall (2.5"), 120mm across the base (4.75"), 100mm diameter internal across the top (4"), and measures across the bowl and handle 195mm (7.75")

This bowl holds approx 400ml or 14fl oz equivalent to a standard tin of beans or spaghetti etc 

All sizes quoted are approx as it is a natural Handmade product and each one will vary a couple of mm either way

This bowl has been carved from an 10" by 4" ring of timber and Olive Wood I am sure you know is very expensive in the UK

The inside may have some tooling marks or slight filled areas,

Great for in the house for Pot Pourri, keys, small change etc

But would need 1 or 2 coats of sealer on the inside for use with liquid, Tongue Oil

or whatever sealer you prefer


These are slight seconds hence the price drop

Would make a beautiful Christmas Box for the traditional Bushcrafter



Price Usually £39.99    NOW!!!  £29.99 per bowl