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 Fully Loaded Possible Pouch with Survival Tin


  possibles pouch with survival tin


This is a genuine A Finlay Handcrafted

Leather Belt Possibles Pouch with Survival Tin


Available in Midnight Black, Antique Dark Tan, Light Tan

Measures 5" L X 5 3/4" H X 2" W

This is one of the largest belt possibles pouch we do

Hand Cut, Dyed, Well Stitched etc,

With a double locking system on the front


A High Low Belt rig on the rear

This belt rig allows you to wear High waisted on your belt


In split seconds Low slung to allow for rucksacks etc,

A must for any serious bushcrafter



Handcrafted Leather Possibles Pouch
Round Tin (Use as cup or pot)
Lid (Use as signal reflector or hot plate) 
Slotted Screwdriver
Can Opener
Knife (No 1)
1 indestructible Waterproof Steel canister for your Personal Info (you may not always be conscious or able to answer)
Bottle Opener
1 Ziplock Water Bag
Water Purifying Tablets
2 Reamers
Fire Steel and Striker
Lock Knife (No 2)
Philips Screwdriver
Wet Fire Tinder (light with spark even when wet)
Hook Disgouger
Fish Scaler
Wire Saw
Brass Wire
1 Sewing Needle
2 Buttons
3 Colours of Thread
Safety Pins
Fishing Line
4 Fishing Weights
4 Fishing Hooks

Tin has a little space left for you to add your own things like Painkillers etc

Pouch has space left for Bar of Chocolate, small mobile phone or something else

Items may differ from Picture but will all be present (Brand Names etc)

This is a must for any serious bushcrafter, outdoorsman, survival person


Price:  £114.99

Colour of Sheath