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Bushcraft Square Bowl, Spoon and Stream Cup





square bowl, spoon and stream cup
picture for illustration purposes only patterns vary


Bushcraft Square Bowl, Spoon and Stream Cup handcrafted from Natural Olive Wood

The bowl and Stream Cup have been carved from individual pieces of wood

The spoon is also carved from one piece of wood


Because of natural grains of wood all pieces will vary slightly in patterns

 All our pieces of Olive wood are suitable for food use


To keep your pieces in good condition from time to time just rub Olive Oil in

Bowl measures approx

135mm  X  30mm

Spoon measures approx

160mm  X  40mm

Stream Cup measures approx

170mm  X  30mm  X 80mm


Bowl and Spoon self explanatory


Stream Cup is a shallow Cup its original use was a shallow vessel

for drinking water from shallow streams without disturbing mud

Stream Cup comes with hole for string loop

A lovely addition to any bushcraft, campers, outdoorsman collection, Kitchen etc



Price  £38.99