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U Finish Fire Piston 2





fire piston u finish fire piston u finish

U Finish Fire Piston in Hardwood

This is a fully functioning and tested Fire Piston

It has been left for you to carve the outside to your own design

You can Wax or Varnish this depending on what you desire

Create fire using compression

  Make fire this ancient way using the principal of compression to create combustion

Similiar to the principal of how a diesel engine works,

No matches, no flint, no sparks, no tricks,

Place your char cotton or chaga (fungi) inside and ram the piston home,
Pull out your glowing ember

Plunger has an internal Coal Cup


Approx Length when closed 130mm
Approx Diameter 30mm

Kit Comprises of:

1 X U Finish Fire Piston in Hardwood
Char Cotton, 
Chaga (fungi),
And full instruction sheet,

Has been tested and is working as shown above



 Price:  £44.99