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45K leather singer sewing machine




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If you are serious about sewing Leather, Canvas, Horse Blankets etc

Look no further than this 45K Industrial Leather Sewing Machine

This is a Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine

People are under the impression that any industrial machine will cope with leather,
they couldn't be further from the truth,

This Leather machine sews leather comfortably 12-13mm Veg Tan as shown above but can cope up to 1/2" easily,
but can also sew very light leather just as happily

Basically if you can get your leather or items below the foot it will sew it

This Singer Sewing Machine has been fully refurbished

Comes complete as pictured

The pictures are of the actual machine you are buying

240v motor, can be plugged into normal domestic socket

Works on a Shuttle Hook system

Single Needle Lockstitch

Also this machine has a Hand Crank Balance Wheel

Ideal for those who wish not to use electric, as quite often is the case,

I myself prefer to Hand Crank these machines
as most of the items I make Sheaths, Holsters, Pouches etc are quite intricate in shape
and I prefer to go slow and steady to be accurate on corners etc, but use the foot pedal on my
cartridge belts and large cartridge bags, its really a personal thing, and when you use the machine
you will find your own way

Fully working Bobbin Winder and Thread Stand

This machine take extra long bobbins which means less changing of bobbins when working 

We also supply a manual along with the machine

The 45K series is the ultimate in leather working machines

We will also supply spare needles and bobbins with your machine

I would much prefer you to pick up this machine yourself because of the size and weight
You should always try a machine and see that it is working correctly, at this point I would
be more than happy to show you the ins and outs of the machine and discuss anything
you may want to ask about its abilities, phone to discuss convenient pick up time

Alternatively if you cannot collect in person we can arrange a pallet delivery service at a cost of £90,
for most areas in the UK




Price £949

Email: Jan


Tel: 01292 531885 or txt 07753313906