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Hobby Leather Embossing Press




embossing machine leather embossing kit

This Hobby Leather Embossing Press has been designed by ourselves

to enable the hobbyist to afford to emboss their leather projects

Embossing your leather can dramatically change the look of your item

and with this Hobby Embossing Press

Just clamp into your vice or workmate and away you go

It is very simple to use and comes with full instructions

It is designed to use our Polymer Embossing Plates

which are good for 100's of impressions

The Kit includes

1 X Hobby Leather Embossing Press

1 X Semi Hard Base Plate

1 X Soft Base Plate

2 X Embossing Plates

Full Instructions

Tutorial can be viewed here


Extra Embossing Plates can be purchased by clicking here more being added every week



Price  £149.99