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This section includes Sewing Machines, Imprint Machines, Leather Stampers etc

More products being added as they become available

Our Sewing Machines are always in demand 



Bushcraft Knives
Bushcraft 01 Knife Buffalo Horn


Modern Bushcraft Knife
Bushcraft 01 Knife Rosewood



 29K singer sewing machine leather patcher 

29k Leather Patcher on Base 


331k walking foot leather sewing machine 

331K Walking Foot Singer Sewing Machine



29K Leather Patcher with Servo Motor


111G157 needle feed sewing machine 

111G157 Needle Feed Leather Sewing Machine


singer sewing machine 

111W155 Walking Foot Compound Feed Sewing Machine



29K Leather Sewing Needles


leather embossing plate 

Leather Embossing Press Plates 


45K Manual


29K Manual 



45k Cylinder Arm Leather Singer Sewing Machine



196K Roller Wheel Leather Singer Sewing Machine



29k singer sewing machine 

29KSV Leather Patcher Singer Sewing Machine


196k singer sewing machine 

196K205 Leather Singer Sewing Machine



Leather Sewing Machine Belt


31k47 singer sewing machine 

31K47 Walking Foot Sewing Machine


leather embossing press machine 

Leather Embossing Press Machine 


leather embossing press pro 

Leather Embossing Press Pro 2