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Alan's interest in crafts goes back many years to the early 80's,     As an extremely passionate outdoors person who has taught bushcraft and survival techniques has had to repair or make a lot of products he required, quite often from only natural materials and whatever he could beg or borrow,

His passion for making knives for instance originates from time spent in Kenya with the MOD and finding his cutting implements inadequate, He set to making his first serious knife,

 From dabbling with blades prior to this he knew what he was looking for, He acquired a circular saw blade which offered top grade steel, He quietly slipped into the motor transport workshop one night,   Where he borrowed the use of their oxycetelin torch,   It wasn't long until he cut out the pattern he wanted from the saw blade, This lead to another problem, to heat treat the blade he could use the oxycetelin torch, so a quick trip to the officers mess kitchen provided a gallon of the best Olive Oil they had, This made an excellent quenching oil,

Anyway daylight came, the knife was finished and the oil returned (they wouldn't know any difference),

After a few days use he had orders for 4 of the same knife,

Since then he's been making knives on and off for friends, colleague and clients,

In his spare time when he isn't teaching survival and bushcraft he toils away in his workshop making knives from steel, flint, antler etc,    

He also turns out walking sticks, long bows, leather goods, natural fire making kits and everything else you may see on the site,