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Bushcraft Fire Supplies 1




 fire lighting
for illustration purposes contents may vary

This is a collection of fire starting supplies
no bushcrafter should be without

It can sometimes be hard to have the correct materials with you

With this kit you just pick and choose

We have intergrated numerous different fire ingredients
that work extremely well

All items work individually and we even give you a flintsteel for the sparks

If used correctly this kit will supply 100's of fires


Small Flint Steel

Chard of Flint

Char Cotton 1/2 pack

A Finlay Firelighter 1/2 block (a blend of wax, natural resin, oils and peat)

Natural Cordage

2 Cats Tails (dried)

Flax Fiber

3 Dried Fungi

Weighs approx 1/4 kg

Contents may vary depending on the seasons 

This kit is a must for any serious bushcrafter, outdoorsman, camper etc

Light your fire the Primitive Way


Price £34.99