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Leather Drawstring Pouch



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leather pouch biege

leather pouch medium

Pictures for illustration purposes only, medium shown



2 Sizes Available

Approx measurements when empty

Medium  150mm Height      120mm Width

Large  200mm Height      160mm Width 

Alan can get 1kg of rice into the large size

Made from extremely supple, soft and flexible hide, the best I can find

The leather is dyed through which means scuffs and scratches are not as easily seen as some inferior topically dyed pouches.

All materials for these pouches are Handcut, Shaped then stitched, even the drawstrings are Handcut,

And they bear A Finlay Logo discreetly

Great size for firelighting kit, spice bag, air pellets, catapult pellets, brew kit etc etc,

I even use one to carry tobacco and my little antler pipe (I know its bad for me)

They can be used for Hiking, Camping, Rambling, Shooting, Fishing, Hunting, Jewellery, Survival as well as Bushcraft and many people have their own uses for them

Also no corners for anything to get stuck in

Use your imagination as to what you can use these bags for

Keeping your fire lighting materials in, tea, sugar, dried milk, fishing bait etc etc

All you have to do for your food items is use a polybag inside the pouch

Assorted colours as above, please select your choice of colour below


Price  £14.99  for medium

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Price  £19.99  for Large

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